5 ways morning s*x changes your relationship

Morning sex can be incredibly satisfying and pleasurable. Not only does it make you happy and excited but it also freshens you up.

Those few minutes of cardio can ramp up your morning and give you immeasurable benefits.

Morning sex can improve the dynamics between you and your partner in many different ways. Let’s take a look at them!

1. It boosts your mood

Sex releases endorphins into the body and that automatically makes you happier. So, when you have morning sex, it lifts your mood and makes you happy. Starting the day with a happy and joyous smile can make your entire day better.

2. It can improve the relationship between you both

3. It helps you both be very comfortable

Having sex in the morning helps you to bare out your deepest insecurities to your partner. In the light, your partner can see you completely naked. You can either be confident and have a good time or be insecure and stay in bed. But being naked and having sex in the morning will bond you and your partner more.

4. There’ll be no children!

No child loves waking up in the morning early. So for all the couples out there who haven’t had intimate time to themselves due to their kids being around, morning sex is the solution. You can have all the time and space to yourself in the room, without your kids popping up

5. Sex will be more energetic