5 ways to mend a broken heart with food

The human heart can be broken in different ways because of different reasons but regardless of the source, there is a need to know how to ease the hurt you are feeling and mend your heart.

Foods are one of the various things that can be used to ease heartbreak.

These are 5 ways food can be used to mend a broken heart;

1. Comfort Food

Comfort foods can help to brighten up the mood. Ice cream, cake, pasta, etc are foods considered as comfort food as they can help to soothe your soul and take away part of the hurt. Your favourite food can also help to console your broken heart and they can be modified to give more nutrition to the body.

2. Cooking

Apart from the aim of making a delicious meal, cooking can also help to reduce stress and anxiety; it takes your mind off things and promotes mindfulness. Cooking can serve as a therapeutic exercise.

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3. Chocolate

Introducing chocolate to your diet helps to elevate your mood and can bring joy to your heart. Take more dark chocolate because it contains a high level of antioxidants and it is known to be healthier than other types of chocolate.

4. Boost Serotonin Level

Taking foods like egg, nut, pineapple, cheese, etc can help to increase the serotonin level in the body. Serotonin is a chemical in the body that is associated with mood regulation and a low-level of the chemical can lead to depression.

5. Friends and Family

It is always a good idea to surround yourself with loved once especially when you are hurting. You can bring your friends or family together with a delicious meal either by cooking dinner or hanging out with them.