5 weird items you should be keeping in the house

Handy items, including the weird ones, are here to make life easier for us.

With all these cool inventions that come up every day, we have an expanded variety of things that can fit our customized needs.

To bring in some innovative fun into your home, you should consider shopping around for some interesting things that you usually wouldn’t think about.

On this list are creative items that you didn’t know you needed for your house.

1. Funny egg separator

If you love spending time making some amazing dishes, you’ve probably come across recipes that require you to separate the yolk from the egg whites. And if you’ve ever tried to do that manually, you know how annoying that entire process can be.

To help you with that, you could use an egg separator, which basically looks like a tiny cup with an outlet for the egg whites to pass through. But, don’t just go for the usual boring ones. Try the funny designs that can come in the shape of a head, or any other cool design that you or your kids might like.

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2. Automatic toilet lights

Please note that we are not talking about the usual bathroom light that is on the ceiling or around your mirror. This light goes inside your toilet bowl, and it’s activated by a motion sensor.

If you’re wondering how this is useful, let me tell you. When you’re going to the washroom at night and you don’t want to have any bright lights on, this light will guide you on where to sit or stand so you don’t miss. Cool right?

3. Caricature artwork

Most people prefer to have abstract art, or perfect self-portraits in their homes. This is great but, if you’re looking for a unique conversation starter, try and order a caricature self-portrait.

This type of artwork comes in a cartoonish design with exaggerated features. The artist will exaggerate a feature that stands out like your eyes, smile or teeth, in a way that looks interesting and comical. This is more intriguing that the usual kind of art, trust us.

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4. Pregnancy pillows

There is no crime in buying pregnancy pillows for yourself when you’re not pregnant. This might definitely be a little weird but if you think about it, they are way more comfortable than the usual pillows.

These will be great for those days when your usual pillow just won’t do it, or when you have an issue like a backache. Look around online stores for a design that will be perfect for your needs.

5. Galaxy projector

A galaxy projector will give you a beautiful starry night illusion without actually being outdoors. You can switch it on for those nights when you just want to feel calm and relaxed, and it can also create the perfect setting for a romantic night with your bae. If you’re having movie night with your friends, you can use this light to create a cinematic aesthetic too.

This does seem like something for kids but hey, you’re allowed to create some fun in your space and customize it how you want to.

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