Sometimes, men can be really clueless about women!

They have little or no idea if a woman likes them or not. But it is not that big of a mystery! Women are actually considered to be more expressive.

Their certain, subtle actions can tell a lot about their emotions—whether they like you or not!

If a woman is in love with a man, her body language can actually indicate the truth! So men, here are some things that can tell if a woman is in love with you.

1. She stands erect with shoulders pulled back

When a woman stands erect with her shoulders pulled back and her stomach tucked in, it is an indication that she is into you. By showcasing the correct body posture, she is trying to impress you and wants to look the best. The correct body posture is very attractive to look at.

2. She briefly touches you

3. Her feet are pointed towards you

If a woman’s feet are pointed towards you during a conversation, it means they are interested in you. When she is relaxed, unconsciously, her feet will navigate towards you. But if it faces the opposite direction and is tucked away, then it means they are not comfortable around you.

4. She mimics your gestures

Mimicking gestures and actions is a sign that the other person likes or respects you. Hence, if a woman begins to mimic your certain gestures and mirrors your actions, it is an indication that she really loves you! “Two people become one in a relationship” —this popular saying aptly fits here.

5. She fixes herself now and then

A woman will try to fix herself up whenever she is around you. She will fix her shirt, hair, makeup etc. and try to look presentable in front of you. She will try to look great in front of you and all this effort that she’s putting in is just the sign you need, to know that she indeed loves you!

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6. She tilts her head towards you

A woman is into you if you catch her head tilting towards you. If her body faces towards you in an inclination then, she is pretty into you. She is trying to give out a vibe that she feels closer to and is eager to listen to all about your life and day.