6 comfort foods you should know how to prepare at home

Comfort food is the type of food that reminds you of nostalgic memory.

This could be a fun childhood snack, a classic fast-food meal you would have on Sundays after Church or a meal your mum used to prepare when you were younger.

Although everyone has their top ten list of comfort foods, they tend to have the same characteristics.

They’re usually not super healthy so they’re not to be eaten every day, and they’re often easy to prepare.

When it comes to these hearty meals, you don’t always have to buy them or wait for someone to prepare them for you.

You can learn how to prepare some of them including these six:

1. Pizza

Name one person who doesn’t love pizza. No one. If you’ve never tried to prepare one at home you are losing out on some delicious moments.

They may appear complicated to prepare with all those toppings but the truth is, they are not.

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Well, technically, it could take a while and a bit of experience to make everything from scratch including the base. But here is a secret, just buy the base and add your toppings, simple. There are also ready-made pizza sauces so that negates the need to prepare that too.

Just check online for the recipe details depending on the pizza you want and you’re good to go.

2. Scotch eggs

Boiled eggs aren’t a favourite food for many. The smell isn’t that pleasing and there’s not much flavour to it. So here, we need to look at an alternative way of remixing the classic boiled egg, which is scotch eggs.

They are quite easy to make, and you could prepare one with or without the sausage and have it ready within a few minutes. These are snacks you can eat on their own or with a dip while you relax.

3. Fried noodles

Noodles have been a staple college meal for years. Maybe even during your time you ate a couple of these when you were on a budget.

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For old times’ sake, you could remind yourself how to prepare a bowl. And not just the basic recipe, the upgraded version with lots of veggies, spices and some cheese too, for more flavour. This will definitely ignite your taste buds.

4. Cake

For some reason, there are people who actually think that cake is something that only professional bakers could hack. But once you learn how to make a basic cake, you will realize that is such a breeze.

With basic ingredients, you could prepare your own fresh cake at home. Don’t even worry about having cream and toppings because a simple cake without it is still delicious. Also, you will love the aroma of fresh cake all over your home as it bakes.

5. Crunchy, spicy fries

Fries have always been a comfort food since the invention of comfort foods. And there is a huge difference between fries that are actually good and fries that are flat because, in my humble opinion, fries aren’t really good unless they are fleshy on the inside and crunchy on the outside.

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There is a specific technique that gives that extra crunch on the exterior which you can learn from online videos if you’ve never known the steps. Then to add that extra flavour, sprinkle some basic spices like garlic and chilli.