6 common phrases you shouldn’t use at work

6 common phrases you shouldn’t use at work - Haybo Wena SA

You should always be extra careful when it comes to communicating with your boss and colleagues at the workplace.

If you say something wrong, it will automatically reflect badly and make you a target at the workplace in a negative and toxic way.

There are certain etiquettes and manners that an employee should adhere to, in order to be an ideal employee at work.

Hence, to help you figure out, here are some common phrases that you should avoid saying at work.

1. “That is not my problem”

This will only portray you as a selfish and self-centred employee who only cares about doing their own work. Everyone likes an employee who can go out of their way to help others. But by saying this, you will only let your impression down in front of your boss.

2. “I think so…”

Always be sure of what you think or say. Don’t let your opinions or thoughts hang in the air by showing your indecisive side. If you say this phrase, your confidence won’t show. Instead, it will show that you are very indecisive.

3. “No problem”

This is not really a courteous manner of replying to someone who thanked you for your help. The best way to go by this is to say, “you are welcome.” When you say ‘no problem’ you might be implying that the situation could have been a problem.

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4. “I will try”

This implies the possibility of failure. If you replace ‘try’ with only ‘will’ it can make a huge difference to the approach of your action. It will make you look more confident and sure of your capabilities.

5. “I hate doing this work”

This can get you fired. For real. This will portray you in a very judgemental, negative light and make it difficult for you to enjoy your work. Whatever feelings you have, communicate them to the required person who can look after your concerns. But if you go around telling others about how much you hate your job, then it’ll do you no good.

6. “I don’t have the time for this”

Even if you are super busy, don’t outright throw this phrase into other people’s faces when they ask you for help. If you are busy, be professional and courteous while saying this, such as—”I don’t have the bandwidth to take on this work” or “Can I please get back to you after I complete my work?”

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