6 delicious seafood dishes that’ll bring the holiday feeling to the table

Bring that holiday feeling to the table with delicious seafood dishes – from curry and biryani to pizza and calamari pickle. Perfect with a glass of wine!

1. Seafood and bacon soup

The bacon imparts its smoky flavour to the seafood in this delicious soup.

Tip- Sprinkle the parsley on top and serve with fresh bread and lemon wedges.

2. Pan-fried harders with Mediterranean salsa

When you open up the cooked herring, it’s easy to remove the backbone – but be on the lookout for finer bones when you tuck in.

Tip- Transfer the potatoes to a serving dish, arrange the fish on top and spoon the salsa over.

3. Calamari pickle

It’s delicious with savoury crackers or a slice of wholewheat bread.

Tip- Top savoury crackers or bread with the calamari.

4. Fish biryani

This fish is a delicious, affordable alternative to hake and works with any flavour profile.

Tip- Serve with the sambal.

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5. Fish curry

The fish is smothered in a delicious, fragrant sauce made with coconut milk.

Tip- Serve the curry with the poppadoms, basmati rice and sambal.

6. Seafood pizza

Spoil yourself with this easy-to-make seafood pizza.

Tip- Top with pecorino shavings, microherbs or rocket.