Panty liners are one of the best inventions for menstruators.

They help keep the intimate area dry, clean, and fresh. They protect undies from getting soiled by vaginal discharge or spotting.

Most panty liners are thin and soft, much thinner than your regular sanitary pads, so that users can stick them to their undergarments and forget about them.

They can absorb a light flow and prevent embarrassing situations.

However, here are some dos and don’ts that you should keep in mind when using panty liners.

1. Don’t buy scented ones

No matter how enticing scented panty liners appear on ads, you must always pick the unscented ones. It is normal for your vagina to smell, and how it smells also depends on various factors like your food habits and lifestyle. As long as there are no foul odours, you are fine.

Moreover, vaginal tissues are sensitive. The synthetic fragrance of liners can cause an allergic reaction. It can also lead to itching, redness, and rashes in your intimate area.

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2. Use them during menstrual cycle

Panty liners are your best friends on low flow days, when you are on the last days of your periods, or you use a tampon or menstrual cup that you’re afraid might leak. They are designed to absorb vaginal discharge and some amount of blood.

It particularly helps if you use period products that are inserted into the vaginal canal. During heavy flow or accidental leakage, a panty liner can prevent the soiling of clothes.

3. Don’t use them as pads

Panty liners might look like regular sanitary pads, but they are not. They are smaller in size and do not have the capacity to absorb the heavy flow.

If you use them like sanitary napkins, you are most certainly inviting leakage and stains on clothes. Liners are only for light flow or spotting.

4. Do wrap them in a paper while disposing

On certain days, especially around ovulation, you might use panty liners to absorb the excess vaginal discharge. It does not matter whether it looks clean or has spots, much like sanitary pads, you must get rid of panty liners in disposable bags or papers.

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Just like any used menstrual product, panty liners also impose a hazard on our environment and particularly for sanitary workers. You must always practice safe disposal.

5. Don’t wear it through the day

Even when you are wearing a panty liner for absorbing vaginal discharge, you should not wear it throughout the day. If it feels wet, it is time to change it.

This is one of the reasons why you should avoid wearing it through the night. When you do not get the chance to change it frequently, it increases the risk of infection.