6 reasons why you should keep a journal

Keeping a diary or a journal is a habit that many of us have abandoned.

Sometimes we imagine that it’s not an important practice or that it has no significant benefits but, that is not actually the case.

There is definitely a reason why journaling was practised since ancient times by everyone including royals and everyday people.

There are tons of reasons why you should have a journal and on this list are six that you should know.

So, better start identifying a cute journal to purchase because after this, you will start penning down everything:

1. It’s an effective way to de-stress

There are different methods we use to manage our stress levels. Some people drink, others call a friend to vent and some, in this case, journal.

The reason why journaling helps is that it declutters the mind. The process of writing down your feelings organizes those thoughts in a way you can understand, which is be beneficial for your mental health. You can even write down some of those thoughts you might not want to share with anyone else.

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2. It helps you be more organized

Journaling can also help you plan your days better. You’re free to write your daily to-do list there and track your progress throughout the day.

In case something doesn’t go right, you will be able to see where you need to adjust. This is much better than relying on your own memory to get things done.

3. It encourages you to rediscover yourself

All of us are in some kind of self-discovery process because we are constantly changing. And when you have your journal, you will continue to note how your personality has changed over time.

You will rediscover the things you now like, those you dislike, as well as the areas you might need to work on. This is a positive step in being more self-aware.

4. It teaches you how to set goals

Goal setting is an important part of life. The small goals we set can help push us closer to the big dreams we have.

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A journal can help you learn how to set those every day goals and the major ones as well. You will be able to break all of them down into more achievable daily targets as you keep track.

5. It helps you appreciate your progress

Journaling also helps you acknowledge how far you’ve come as far as your goals are concerned. If you had some goals at the beginning of the year, like reaching a specific weight for example, you will get to see where you’re at right now and celebrate the wins.

Seeing that change might seem insignificant but, it really helps you appreciate your consistency. And another positive effect of that is increased self-confidence.

6. It could inspire new ideas

Your personal journal is where you can write down all your interesting ideas. It’s more relaxing because you know you can write anything down without feeling judged and, at your own pace.

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If you had some random business ideas that maybe you would consider in future, you can write them down and actually see whether you can come up with a realistic plan. You’re able to write as many as you want regardless of how insane they sound.

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