6 signs you’re addicted to makeup

Yes, there can be and there definitely are makeup addicts. They are so hinged on makeup that they are willing to try out anything.

They can spend tons of money on makeup without blinking an eye. Yes, there definitely are makeup addicts.

You probably own more mascara than can be used in a lifetime, have a lipstick color for almost every occasion, and shop at cosmetic stores so often, people might think you work there.

Curious? Below are 6 signs that show you may just be obsessed with makeup products.

1. You would rather eat noodles for dinner just to have the extra cash to buy a new MAC eye shadow

Makeup addicts can go to any length just to get new beauty products. They could starve, and trek instead of taking the bus all for a beauty item. Nothing moves them as much as getting a new addition to their beauty box.

2. All your friends come over to your house to get ready to go out since you have the best makeup

On a girls’ night out, everyone comes over to your place to get ready because they know you have all the eye shadow colours and all shades of lipstick. They also know your mascaras are the best and have the most volume.

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3. You have four of the same color of lipstick so you always have one at home, one at work, one in your purse, and one in your lover’s house

Only makeup addicts go out of their way to get multiple tubes of lipstick. Others would put a favourite lip gloss in their purse for use any time they want. A makeup addict lives in the constant fear of not having a beauty item at hand. Hence, they keep buying.

4. The makeup aisle at the store is your personal definition of heaven

Yes, makeup addicts if left alone can spend insane hours at the beauty stand. They would gush over almost every item and ask if they could get a free use. They also pay attention to new beauty products and rush to buy them with their next paycheck.

5. You’re constantly getting email alerts from beauty brands telling you a product has returned back in stock

You sign up for beauty alerts. You want to know when the next popping eyeliner is out. You are interested in the new nude lippie. You are definitely an addict.

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6. All the sales associates at the beauty counter know you by name

You have visited the store and asked so many questions many times that they now know you by name. Once you walk in, they are all smiles and they welcome you and prepare to receive your cash all over again.

So which of this best describes you? Please leave a comment below.

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