6 things to do on your honeymoon besides the obvious - Haybo Wena SA
We all know how hectic weddings can turn out to be.
No wonder, married couples eagerly look forward to their honeymoon since the post-nuptial romantic getaway is the best way to beat the wedding blues and rest the tired souls (as well as soles!).
While couples generally relate the idea of a honeymoon to great sex, oodles of romance and all that jazz, there is a lot more to do that can make it an unforgettable experience.
Here are some little things to try with your partner on your honeymoon.

​1. Get adventurous

We are not asking you to go sky-diving (you can, though) with your partner on the very first day of your honeymoon, but a little adventure never hurts anyone. Hold each other’s hands and go for a small trek. Instead of just strolling on the beach, take out a few hours for scuba diving or water sports. What about a bicycle ride, camping for a night at a mountain top, or zip line through the jungle?

2. Witness a sunrise

It can be a bit challenging but try waking up early in the morning and witness a sunrise together. You might have seen countless sunsets together, but the charm of a sunrise is irreplaceable. Look for a secluded spot where you can soak the first rays of the sun, and order a sumptuous breakfast once you are back in the hotel. Leave the rest to your mood…

3. Get a massage…together

Getting a massage together is one of the best ways to get romantic and relax at the same time. Indulge in a spa treatment that offers massage for couples, and rejuvenate yourself. If you want to make it even more romantic, ditch the idea of booking a spa, and step in the shoes of a masseuse for your partner. Throw in some massage oils, aromatic candles and ice cubes, and give your partner a titillating massage.

4. Dirty dancing

Look for a local pub or club, and put on your dancing shoes. Dancing can be very sensual if done the right way, and a precursor to many other things. If you don’t want to go to a pub or any other public places, you can still have a lot of fun with some sensuous music and sexy moves. If nothing else, try strip teasing to the tune of your favourite song!

5. Click the candid moments

You might have posed countless times for the wedding photographers but your honeymoon is the perfect time to capture some intimate moments. Click your partner when they are asleep, eating or simply smiling. Compile all these candid shots and surprise them with a scrapbook, album or framed photographs once you are back from your vacation.

6. What about an erotic book

Pick an erotic book and read it to your partner. We bet it will keep you and your partner up till late night, and do we even need to predict how things will proceed after this reading session?