6 tips for setting up the perfect home gym

If your New Year’s resolution for 2023 is to get in shape, working out at home is a great way to get started.

But before you run out to buy weights, a yoga mat and a treadmill, take some time to consider the kinds of exercises you want to do, plus how much space and the kinds of equipment you need to accomplish them.

Are you ready to create your own home gym? Here are tips to get you started.

1. Find the right workouts for your space

When space is limited, the important thing is to pick workouts that don’t need a lot of space. Classic exercises, like push-ups, sit-ups, squats and lunges don’t require lots of space and still produce results. For cardio at home, try jump roping. It’s great for getting your blood pumping and also doesn’t need much space.

Another option is to pick up some space saving workout equipment, like a TRX system or a door-mounted pull-up bar.

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2. Start small

Pick up simple yet multipurpose equipment. To get your home gym started, look at getting:

  • A yoga mat, for yoga, pilates and stretching
  • Resistance bands, for strength training and stretching
  • A kettlebell or two, for weight lifting and to add resistance to body weight workouts

Of course, you should tailor your list of gear to whichever workout you will be doing. The important thing is that you don’t need to waste money on tons of equipment upfront.

3. Avoid exercise gimmicks

The reality is that all you need for an effective workout is your own body, so there’s no need for superfluous equipment.

4. Give it a home

If you stash away your exercise equipment in the closet or under your bed, how likely are you to dig it out each time to work out? Even if you are short on space, find a dedicated space for your gear where you can see it; doing that will encourage you to use it.

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Stock this area with towels, water bottles, a Bluetooth speaker and anything else you use during your workouts.

5. Get a mirror

There’s a reason gyms have mirrors everywhere. Watching yourself exercise helps you correct your form so you are working out correctly and doing what you can to minimise injury, especially when you are working out on your own and don’t have someone correcting your form.

While it’s no substitute for a personal trainer, a full-size mirror in your exercise area can help you exercise right.

6. Invest in advanced equipment

If you’ve already been working out at home and are ready to add more equipment to your home gym, start by learning about the latest fitness tech, but save money too.