6 types of coworkers who are always a problem!

Your workplace may not always be an inspiring and pleasant place to work in, especially when there are toxic and negative coworkers who are ready to sabotage your career with their evil motives.

These types of people are always jealous of your career or are trying to steal your position.

Hence, here listed are the types of coworkers that you should always stay away from.

1. The one who always makes the fuss

This type of coworker is always looking to make a fuss out of every situation. They will never be satisfied with the type of work that is going on. They will bring out faults and make unnecessary comments that may even bring other coworkers’ morale down.

2. The mean coworker

This type of coworker is very mean and rude to other people. The things they say make others feel really guilty or bad. They will constantly try to prove that you are wrong either by yelling or by degrading the nature of your work in front of everyone.

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3. The one who gossips

These types of coworkers are a real nuisance. If someone ends up saying something private to them, they immediately begin to spread rumours or gossip in the office. It acts as entertainment for them. They can spend an entire day talking about other people’s weird habits. Their lack of boundaries and inquisitiveness is very annoying at times!

4. The disrespectful coworker

This type of coworker is the worst to work with. They have no idea how to respectfully talk to other colleagues in the workplace and end up saying really mean, derogatory and disrespectful things. Sometimes, it may not be their intention to do so but even if they find all kinds of excuses to not apologise.

5. The one who always complains

This type of coworker always tries to complain. They have some or the other type of complaint and are always looking to find faults within their colleagues, the office, organisation structure, ways of working etc. Their complaints may vary and create a very unhealthy and toxic environment in the workplace.

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6. The passive-aggressive coworker

This type of coworker will always show that everything is in control at the beginning. Their comments are always the bare minimum whenever you ask them for advice or guidance of any sort. But when things blast out of control, they freak out and try to blame others for the situation they are in. They become very aggressive in drastic and demanding situations.