6 types of people who are not marriage material!

Does your partner look for every possible way to avoid discussions about marriage?

You may have noticed that everything about the person is perfect yet they avoid committing to you in the form of marriage.

While this can be a huge red flag, it is also important to understand why your partner is not inching towards marriage, even though your relationship is well and good.

Chances are, they simply aren’t made for marriage! To identify if your partner is among these kinds of people, here are some common types of people who are simply not marriage material.

1. The one who gives you anxiety

If you are always a tad bit anxious every time you and your partner go out on a date, then something is wrong. He might try to tell you to trust him, but it is alright to keep your heart safe and protected from hurt. He may give you the feeling that nothing is really ever settled between you two when it comes to relationships.

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2. The one who thinks about everything too soon

Thinking of marriage with a partner who is ready to name your offspring on the third date isn’t really a wise choice! There are people who are ready to commit too soon but this can be too early for someone to decide whether they should spend the rest of their life together or not.

3. The one who only talks about themselves

Dating a selfish person who is always so indulged in themselves can be tough to handle. If your partner keeps talking and shifting the focus on themselves in a conversation instead of asking about you once for a change, then how can you think of marriage with such a person?

4. The one who criticises a lot

If your partner constantly criticises you and mocks you, then would you even consider marrying this person? These kinds of people can be very critical and can even push down your self-esteem, making you question your own capabilities and worth.

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5. The one who is never wrong

If your partner always boasts about righteousness and the fact that he is never wrong, it can be quite difficult to live with such a person. It can be very irritating to tell your partner that they can also be wrong when all they do is burst into fits.

6. The one who overreacts

A person who overreacts in every situation and creates unnecessary drama is certainly not marriage material. If your partner flips out at the tiniest argument, there is no guarantee that they will listen to you patiently when it comes to important discussions.

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