6 ways to cheat-proof your relationship

6 ways to cheat-proof your relationship - Haybo Wena SA

Infidelity is a scary reality – made scarier still by the modern, tech-advanced lifestyles we lead, where an affair is as simple as the click of a button.

If you’re worried your partner might be tempted to stray, or you’d just rather be safe than sorry, use these relationship hacks to keep his eyes focused firmly on you.

1. Be alone (Together)

Without the kids or friends. The more separate a couple’s work life, social life and daily living situation is, the more likely they are to cheat. Tell him how much you appreciate him, both as a husband and a lover.

2. Be open-minded

Find out what would make your partner feel more sexually attractive. Speak out about what you want in turn.

3. Be honest

It’s okay to feel attracted to other people; in fact, 98 percent of married men and 80 percent of married women admit to fantasising about someone other than their partner. Instead of going into denial, give yourself permission to fantasise – just don’t act on it. As they say: it doesn’t matter where you get your appetite, as long as you come home for dinner.

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4. Be up for it

If one partner routinely wants sex and the other person refuses it, problems – including infidelity – often arise. So initiate a roll in the hay when you’re feeling frisky and try saying yes even if you aren’t in the mood.

5. Be enterprising

If you’re having sexual problems, or just not having enough sex, see a counsellor so you can avoid the inevitable atrophy.

6. Be surprising

Recreating excitement can actually boost dopamine and oxytocin, two brain chemicals responsible for that love rush. So indulge in a spontaneous road trip, book a hotel room in your own city, take him on an unexpected date…