6 wrong places to look for love in South Africa

There are so many places you can find love but there are also so many places you shouldn’t go looking for love.

It seems as though there is not a specific place you can go to find your soulmate, people usually say love can find you anywhere.

However, there are some places that might feel awkward even to love. Looking for the love of your life? don’t visit these places in South Africa!

1. Dating sites

This might be the easiest place to get hit on and fall into the illusion that you’ve found your soulmate, but it’s a trap. Run for your life. 70% of dating sites relationship end up with terrible stories.

2. Strip club

This is like going to a local market and requesting for a pair of Gucci shoes. How can you complain that you can’t find a babe you can call your own when you’re going to find one at a place where the ladies belong to everybody and nobody. It’s not rocket science.

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3. Church

Many people came to church to hunt for their future partners, so be very careful because their is a lot of deceit even in the house of God.

4. At the bar

Your soulmate is surely spending their night reading their favorite novel, not doing something as invaluable as getting wasted at a bar……..looool. Just because you do it doesn’t mean you want your future partner is doing it too.

You don’t want to start dating someone in the office, especially your boss, except perhaps you both are getting married in six months. Dating your boss can mean sexual impropriety for you in the future. Sleeping with your colleagues can lead to disrespect. Office romances are messy and the thing is you can’t quit your job for them! So, stay clear.

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