7 dangerous reasons why you shouldn’t eat Maggi every day

Anything, when consumed in excessive quantity, can be bad for the health, the same goes for your favourite Maggi.

If you are also a big-time fan of instant noodles, such as Maggi, then you are at the right place.

Be it comforting you in a cold and chilly morning, or while you are trekking, Maggi is the answer to your hunger pangs.

But how safe is it to eat Maggi every day? It is important to note that pleasure and satisfying hunger is an important thing and taking care of your health is another.

One just realises that anything delicious does not necessarily mean it is great for overall well-being.

Although it is one of the most convenient food that you can make any time, and anywhere, using just a cup of hot water, it comes with some side effects that one can experience when consumed on a daily basis.

Scroll down to know how eating Maggi every day can harm your health.

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Side effects of eating Maggi every day

Eating anything on a daily basis is not good for the health, and it stands more valid when it is about junk foods. Maggi, which is everyone’s favourite can also cause severe health problems when you eat it daily. Take a look at the side effects of eating Maggi every day.

1. Causes indigestion and acidity

Maggi contains citric acid that increases antioxidant activity in the body when consumed in an excessive quantity, but Maggi itself is not an antioxidant. This is why eating too much Maggi ends up causing high acidity and acute abdominal tract issues among individuals, such as bloating, gas, acidity, etc.

2. Leads to obesity

The composition of Maggi contains one of the unhealthiest fats, called trans fat. This is why it is regarded as one of the worst food choices for those who are health conscious. Also, why trans fats are bad? This kind of fat requires longer than saturated fatty acids to break down in the system. Also, trans fats are the sources of bad blood cholesterol and also cause obesity, heart diseases and dietary deficits.

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3. High blood pressure

Yes, you read that right, eating Maggi daily can up your blood pressure and cause hypertension. Maggi is made up of refined flour, which is very hard for the stomach to digest. Also, it contains preservatives, which are unhealthy and is high in sodium content, making it a perfect risk factor causing high blood pressure.

4. Refined flour harms health

Maggi, an instant noodle is made up of refined flour and oil. Maida or refined flour doesn’t come with any health benefits or nutritional value. It is rather high in calories, therefore eating Maggi on a daily basis can be bad for your health.

5. Heart diseases

As discussed, Maggi contains trans fats, which can up the levels of bad cholesterol in the body, thus creating problems for the heart to function properly. According to the experts, excessive consumption of trans fats can cause serious health problems such as diabetes, heart conditions and nutritional deficiencies.

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6. Contains a high amount of sodium

Maggi contains 46 per cent sodium, which is a substance that can make you prey to serious, and life-threatening diseases. Consuming Maggi on a daily basis can thus up your body’s sodium levels causing conditions such as Hypernatremia.

7. Low in essential nutrients

The contents of Maggi are refined oil, flour, etc. None of the contents available in Maggi comes with any nutrition. Moreover, it is rich in trans fat and calories, which makes it bad for daily consumption. However, one can try making it in a healthy way, by adding some sources of protein and vitamins through vegetables.

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