7 foods that can delay menopause

So, you want to have a baby, but your biological clock is ticking… I hear you!  In this article we’ll discuss 7 foods that may help to delay menopause.

Before we get into these list, I will like to point out that none of these foods are a magic bullet.

The studies on this topic are small and few, and there’s certainly a lot more research that needs to be done.

But, sometimes we can’t wait for perfect research, and we just want the best evidence that’s currently available at the time.

So, I’ve had a look, and put together 7 foods based on the best currently available evidence. Here goes…..

1. Fruit

Fruit intake was associated with delayed menopause in one study, but not in another.  But, it’s certainly not going to hurt, is it?!

2. Coffee

And you thought coffee was bad for you!!  A study of Japanese women found that those who went through menopause later in life were more likely to be coffee drinkers, so that gives us cause to think that maybe coffee makes a difference? But remember, that it’s only one study, so take this research with caution.

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3. Green and yellow vegetables

Research found that women who ate more green and yellow veg were more likely to go through menopause later in life, so another reason to eat our greens each day.

4. Red meat

This was a little surprising to me, but there’s a few studies to show that higher intakes of red meat are associated with a delay in menopause.

5. Skim milk

This is where the evidence starts to get a little stronger.  Women who drank skim or low fat milk more regularly have shown a delay in menopause, but not women who drank full cream milk, so if you’re trying to delay menopause, I’d definitely encourage you to have a glass of skim milk each day.

6. Soy

Soy foods are a rich source of phytoestrogens which can impact our reproductive hormones, so it’s not surprising that soy plays a role.  Soy foods include tofu, soy drinks, edamame and miso to name a few.

7. Fish

One study found that women who ate fish each day had a three year delay in menopause compared to women who didn’t eat fish.

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