7 incredible benefits of breast milk apart from breastfeeding

There is no denying that breast milk is one of the best sources of nutrition for your little one.

It contains everything the baby needs for the first six months of life, in all the right proportions.

In addition to providing an optimum amount of nutrition to the baby, it also protects your kid from various allergies and sickness.

We tell you the 7 most interesting and alternative uses for breast milk.

Often referred to as the ‘liquid gold’, benefits of this milk aren’t limited to promoting a healthy weight gain for the baby and reducing the risk of infections. While it certainly has an impressive list of health benefits, it also has a host of surprising yet incredible benefits in addition to feeding your little bundle of joy.

Did you know that some people use breast milk for purposes other than feeding a baby? Yes, in addition to being a wholesome source of nutrition for your baby, breast milk is also used in home remedies to treat a variety of minor conditions.

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We tell you the 7 most interesting and alternative uses for breast milk.

1. Soothe cracked nipples

It is common for new mothers to suffer from cracked and sore nipples. Hence, breast milk can be used as a moisturizer to soothe and treat cracked nipples and dry skin. If you apply breast milk onto sore, cracked nipples, it may help in relieving the pain.

2. Diaper rash

The skin of a newborn is incredibly sensitive and prone to rashes. If your baby is suffering from a diaper rash i.e. diaper dermatitis, breast milk can help to soothe the irritated skin. Breast milk can be used as an effective home remedy to heal the baby’s skin faster. After applying the breast milk to your baby’s buttock, make sure that it dries before putting on the diaper.

3. Sunburn

If you have ever ventured out in the sun without proper SPF and protection, you know how quickly your skin can turn red, irritated and stingy. This is where the magical breast milk may come handy. This liquid gold can also be used to relieve your little one’s sunburn.

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4. ​Ear infections

Breast milk can be also used as a remedy for ear infections in infants. A lot of new mothers have reported that a drop of breast milk in the baby’s ear can help in easing the discomfort due to ear infection. Breast milk contains high levels of Immunoglobulin-A antibodies which is said to protect the babies from infection.

5. Sore throat

If your newborn is suffering from cold, cough and sore throat, mother’s breast milk may help in soothing your little one’s throat.

6. Baby acne

A lot of newborns suffer from acne. While these small red bumps usually clear on their own, you can use breast milk to calm down the breakouts. Applying breast milk over the acne-affected area is known to reduce acne. You can also dab a cotton ball soaked in breast milk all over the affected area.

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