Our bodies have a natural smell that they own and there’s nothing wrong to smell the way you do.

Mind this girls that whatsoever mindset vaginal perfume companies or bad sex encounters would have landed you in, your lady flower is supposed to smell a certain way.

In fact, a vagina that’s healthy has different scents during different times of the month.

Depending on your unique smell, the vaginal odours will keep changing slightly during different parts of your menstrual cycle.

Besides this, factors like sweating, exercising or unprotected sex can also make your vagina smell a certain way, but only temporarily.

However, certain odours indicate more serious things that are going wrong in your muffs. A lot of times such problems come accompanied with other symptoms like itching or pain while urinating.

But, other times, they may be lone rangers. So women, take a whiff and know which kinds of odours you need to put on your radar.

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1. Yeasty or a bread-like

Yeast infections don’t have any smell most of the times and come with a host of other symptoms. However, there may be cases when they do emit a bread-like or musty smell. Though you would be able to tell it through the symptoms that it comes along, a yeasty smell can help you differentiate it from other vaginal infections which show similar symptoms.

2. Rotten

If you use tampons and your vagina suddenly starts smelling rotten, you must visit your gynaecologist as quickly as possible. Make no mistake, a tampon can get lost in your vagina. This happens more often than you know or think of it happening. Your gynaecologist is the only one who can extract this tampon-gone-astray.

3. Fishy

If your vagina starts emitting a strong fishy smell, it could indicate towards two types of vaginal infections: bacterial vaginosis and trichomoniasis. Bacterial vaginosis occurs due to an overgrowth of bacteria and disruption of the vagina’s pH balance. If the odour gets worse after you have sex, chances are you will have bacterial vaginosis. On the other hand, trichomoniasis is a sexually transmitted disease that’s very easily curable. If the symptoms include a greenish discharge and pain while peeing, besides the smell, you may have trichomoniasis.

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4. Musky

This kind of smell is basically a stronger version of your vagina’s normal scent. Mostly, it simply means that you have been sweating a lot lately or wearing pants that are too tight or synthetic. But if the smell is strong and compels you to do something to cover it up, you must call your doctor as it could indicate an infection.

5. Metallic

This one’s absolutely normal and is nothing to worry about. Your vagina smells tinny, blood-like or metallic around your period. Blood can mix with the natural scent of a vagina and make it emit a metallic smell.

6. Bleachy

A bleachy or chlorine-like smell is nothing to worry about as this only indicates towards the use of condoms or lubricants while having sex.

7. Sweet/Unpleasant

Smelling sweet or garlicky down there depends on what you eat. If you consume citric fruits like orange or pineapple, it will sweeten the smell your vagina. Whereas, if you consume foods like onion, garlic, or broccoli, you may emit an unpleasant odour.

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