7 people to avoid when going through relationship anxiety

Navigating relationship anxiety is not so easy and during such times, it’s important that you surround yourself with positive people who are understanding and supportive.

There are certain types of people you might want to avoid because only that will help you remain a little positive and take care of your emotional well-being.

1. Negative people

Those who consistently focus on the negative aspects of life and relationships can increase your level of anxiety. Their pessimistic attitude can reinforce your fears and doubts and make it harder for you to find solutions or see the brighter side of things.

2. Judgmental individuals

People who tend to judge or criticise your choices should be avoided at all costs. Being in a relationship involves introspection and sensitivity, and having judgmental people around can make you doubt your decisions even more.

3. Overly critical friends

4. Pressure imposers

People who pressure you to make impulsive decisions or rush into actions can worsen your anxiety. You need time to evaluate your feelings and thoughts, and someone who pushes you to make quick choices may not have your best interests at heart.

5. Drama lovers

Individuals who thrive on drama and conflicts do not provide the calm and stable environment you need during this phase. Their tendency to create or magnify issues often heightens an already anxious person and even hinders your ability to work through your emotions constructively.

6. Emotionally unavailable souls

If someone consistently brushes off your anxieties or emotions, they might not be the best confidant during this time. Genuine emotional support is crucial when dealing with relationship anxiety.