7 p*nis size myths you need to debunk

52 per cent want it longer, 34 per cent want it thicker – or so says a survey conducted by a health website.
Wanting a bigger penis size is like wanting a Ferrari – there’s hardly anyone who wouldn’t want it.
Men always obsess over the answer to this one question in their lives – Are they big enough? But it is time we break it to them that the size of their willy may not matter so much.
You got to clear the fusty air by stopping to believe the following set of myths about the right penis size.

1. MYTH: The bigger the penis, the better it gets

A lot of men believe that the bigger their manhood, the more they will satisfy their women. They need to know that for most women, there are many things that come before a penis size. Or in fact, penis size may not even make to the list of their considerations. In fact, many women relate bigger penises to a painful intercourse. This was also reported by a 2014 study of women in a village in Kenya, who would cheat on their well-endowed men due to pain caused during the intercourse.

2. MYTH: Big penis only means more pleasure

On the contrary, a big penis may mean pain. Having a well-endowed penis is not so simple and there actually exist guides on how to date a guy who is big down there. A large penis needs more preparation and carefulness. And this has led to the urban slang that a lot of women use as their priority penis size – Boyfriend penis. This refers to a penis that is an average length but not an extraordinary size.

3. MYTH: A penis can never be too big for a vagina

Size can in fact be a compatibility issue – your size and her vagina may not always bond well. Generally, most vaginas can accommodate sizes of different lengths and widths but there are cases when it can become too big for her, though the reasons are mostly rectifiable. Her vagina could be dehydrated or she may not be aroused enough, so make sure that such conditions do not hamper your chemistry.

4. MYTH: Sex is only about penetration

Most of the nerve endings in female genital region are on the outside than the inside. A study revealed that among sexually experienced women, close to two-third reported that a longer penis either did not affect their reaching orgasm at all, or it made it more difficult for them to climax. But, it still remains important for a third of women. So, penetration is important but you may not be wrong to think that clitoral stimulation is more important.

5. MYTH: An erect penis is at least 7 inches

A research conducted by a men’s website showed that the average penis size when erect for Indian men is pretty low – second last in the world – and stands at 4 inches. The highest average is of the Venezuelan men, at 6.7 inches, and that too is less than 7 inches.

6. MYTH: Bigger shoe size means bigger penis

This myth was rubbished by two London based researches done in 2002. They correlated the erect penis size and the shoe size of 104 men and found no statistically relevant information.

7. MYTH: You can better your pecker

By now, you may as well have come across a ten thousand advertisements that claim to enhance your manhood by some ‘magic’ pills or creams. But this is all a sham. The only way the size of your willy can change is through surgery. Supplements like Viagra increase the amount of nitric oxide in your blood, which betters blood flow in your penis. But it is only a temporary inflation. The size of the penis can never change permanently without a surgery.