7 roleplay ideas that will pump up your s*x life

Roleplay is something that becomes necessary when you feel your sex life is becoming mundane.

Most couples go for it but may not discuss it. If you look up the internet, you will find different costumes too so why not try them out?

If you are looking for scenarios to begin with then here are top 7 roleplay ideas that will give a boost to your sex life.

1. Fitness instructor

Who cares how flexible you are! What is required in this roleplay scenario is that you act as the student and your partner is the instructor. It all depends on how you dress up and the positions you like so he/she can “teach” where your limbs should be.. Here a downward dog is the easiest and it is amongst the most pleasurable positions too.

3. Massage therapist

This is a classic one but fool proof! Massages always turn on the human body. It makes anyone feel horny so a massage therapist will always win over. There are so many kinds of oils in the market which can be bought and used, depending on what fragrance your partner likes. Not just the oil but there are many kinds of massages you will find that work wonders.

4. Boss and employee

The boss and employee combination is the best in submissive and dominant dynamics. You have a desk, the commands and even the way you dress up.

5. Strangers

In this scenario, you can play strangers to each other. It could be whether you are picking the other at a bar, at a bus stop or even a movie theatre. No one needs to know that you are role playing! Your flirting skills come in handy here and you can also go wild with your sexual fantasies.

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6. With the kids in the house

In case you have kids and have to be very silent, this is another scenario that turns on couples. More than role playing, it is in fact the real scenario for parents. This is when you can experiment and challenge your partner to be silent. Sneak into the storage room or someplace and lock from inside so that the kids do not accidentally catch you.

7. Artist and subject

Nude painting setup can be a huge turn on for those who have a thing for artistic set ups. One of you can be the artist, the other the nude subject. Wearing just a robe, or seductive lingerie, lace dresses, flowing curtains with dim lighting while your artist paints can add that sensuous twist to your sex life.