7 things to consider before going for a tattoo removal

7 things to consider before going for a tattoo removal - Haybo Wena SA

We love getting tattoos. It adds a little spark to our entire look and nothing is more stylish than flaunting a tattoo that speaks your spirit.

While getting a tattoo is a painful and exciting experience, many people like to get rid of the tattoo after some time.

The interesting fact is, although tattoos are permanent, modern technologies allow us to remove those unwanted tattoos.

Laser tattoo removal is the best possible method to get rid of tattoos. The technology includes a high-intensity laser technique that skillfully breaks down the pigment of the tattoo and eventually you are free from your tattoos.

So, if you are planning to remove your tattoos, here are some things to consider.

1. You will have to go through pain

If you have gone through the process of getting a tattoo, you know how painful it can be. However, the removal process is also no exception. The laser technique is quite painful for the skin especially if you have complicated tattoos in sensitive areas of the body, however, the pain can be minimized. If you have a low pain threshold, you could ask your clinic to go for local anesthesia. Some clinics also prefer using a numbing cream to keep that area calm. Make sure to not take any pain medication without consulting your physician.

2. Tattoo removal requires a few sessions

It is not a short and quick process. You have to be patient as it requires at least 8-10 sessions. However, sometimes the number of sessions can increase depending on the color and location of your tattoo. Tattoos with deep colors take extra time to be removed than tattoos with lighter colors.

3. There might be scarring

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If you have sensitive skin and you already have previous scarring, tattoo removal can lead to further scarring as well. Tattoos with deeper colors like green, and light blue take a lot of time to be removed and sometimes leave a cast or scars behind them.

4. It is an expensive treatment

Just as getting a tattoo can cost you a lot of money, getting rid of it will also cost you. Since it involves high-intensity technology, you have to keep in mind the budget.

5. It can leave a stain behind

The tattoo removal process does not guarantee getting rid of the tattoo completely. Sometimes, it can leave a light stain depending on the kind of tattoos you had previously.

6. Keep your skin clean

Avoid using any sort of medicated products on the day of your visit to the clinic. It can make the areas even more sensitive. Also, after the removal process, avoid ingredients like retinol or other harsh actives to be safe.

7. Comes with side effects

Inflammation, redness, swelling, blistering, and bleeding are some of the common side effects of tattoo removal. Prepare yourself for the potential side effects and ensure to take the right precaution.

Make sure to keep these things in mind if you are opting for tattoo removal.