Vacations are a must when you have had days of work.

There are times when you feel exhausted or may face burnout at work, that’s when you call in for a vacation.

You may plan a vacation, while could choose to travel by plane, train, bus or even your own car.

Traveling by train is way different than traveling by car, and here are some things you should keep in mind before you travel!

1. Always carry change

While making your way to the railway station, you should always carry change. There may be times when you may not be able to use the cashless payment option like using Paytm or cards.

Rather than carrying cash of higher value, carry a change of R 20, 50, or 100. It is easier to purchase items when you have money near the MRP, rather than giving a currency note of a higher value.

2. Carrying a sheet is a good option

Visiting a railway station, you should be prepared for not being able to find a place for yourself while waiting for your train. There are times you may feel tired standing and waiting, and so might your kids.

It is better to carry a bedsheet in times like these. A bedsheet will ensure a clean place for you to sit while you wait and also an extra layer for people who feel cold.

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You can use the sheet as a mat or a blanket, totally up to how you want to use it.

3. Always carry entertainment

A train journey can be boring when it’s 4+ hours. It is a good idea to carry some sort of entertainment your way.

Books, games, and movies make the best available option. You can download multiple movies and web series over your Netflix account as well as have a comfort book for an alternative.

A game will help you strengthen your bond with your family and friends as you are on your journey.

4. Food is a necessity

Never forget carrying food! This is something that should be on the top of your list. While there is an option of pre-booking your meals on a train journey, you should ideally carry more food items like snacks and other beverages for the entire journey.

Some vendors make their rounds in intervals during the journey, but keeping food items for emergencies is always a good idea when you have toddlers and kids accompanying you on your journey.

You can carry biscuits and milk tetra packs for early morning, while packets of chips and some chocolates for the evening as snacks.

If the railway food is not available, you can pack your homemade food and take it along with some disposable plates and spoons.

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5. Let your clothing be really comfortable

A journey through railways can be tiring. This occasion definitely calls for comfortable clothing. You may as well be dressed in something that allows you to move freely while you wait for your train, or are running to board your train. Consider the overnight journey before picking your clothing for the journey.

The washrooms available on trains are usually comparatively smaller in size and may give you a tough time when you feel like giving your clothing a change.

While picking your clothing, be sure it will keep you warm during the journey as the temperature on the train is generally cold at night, regardless of the weather conditions.

6. Be prepared to walk or even run

While making your way to a railway station, you should be aware of the time it may take for you to reach it. There is enormous traffic on the way and also at the station. You will be a part of the crowd that is eagerly waiting to get onto their train.

If you are late to the railway station, you may have to run to reach the designated railway track to board the train. Tracks are usually far away from one another and take you some time to switch between them.

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As the railway station has a big compound, be prepared to have a good walk. While you may enter from gate number 1, your train could be parked for arrival at the last train track, thus, a lot of walking.

7. You may have to adjust

While traveling by railways, it is common to have to adjust to people around you. There are times when you will have to shift your seats with somebody who may not be physically able to reach their designated seat, such as the upper compartment.

Old couples are not allowed to climb to the upper compartment, thus you may have to adjust to cater to their needs and shift your place. With railways, there are many compartments available for you to book your tickets.

There are three tier, as well as two-tier compartments alongside the first class. While the sleeping seat is above and has less headspace, everybody is generally seated in the lower seat until it is time to sleep. That’s also when you may have to adjust to other people sharing a single space. You may also have to indulge in small talk.

You can avoid this situation if you book the entire 4 or 6 seats together for you and your family.