7 tips to protect your eyes while doing makeup

Wedding season is here and so is the surge in makeup products.

However much as we like to accentuate our eyes with makeup, our eyes do not always react well to make up.

Here are some tips on how to use eye make up safely while protecting our eyes.

1. Hypo allergenic products : Always use products which are hypoallergenic and have been previously dermatologically tested. Another truck is to apply them on your forearm to see whether you are allergic to any ingredient. Fragrance, dyes, preservatives , nickel etc. present in the make up might induce allergic reaction.

2. Sharing make up : this is a big no-no ,eye make up application and brushes should never be shaved. Cosmetics are a fertile breeding ground for microbes so by sharing we are at a risk of cross contamination.

3. Remove carefully : Eyeliners, Kohls, mascaras have a tendency to enter the eye. So always be sure to remove the makeup before going to bed . Use alcohol free make up remover to remove eye make up.

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4. Spare the waterline: The area where are our eye lid meets the eye has opening of many glands which help to lubricate our eyes. Use of eye make up along the eyelash line will block the opening of these glands and lead to increased chances of infection.

5. Avoid Kohl eye liners: Kohl eye liners are a stable part of the South African beauty routine but few know that they contain dangerous levels of lead which can cause damage to our eyes.

6. Expiry name: All cosmetics have an expiry date. Make sure to use any product beyond the expiry date as these tubes of cosmetics , brushes and sponges are a fertile ground for bacterial growth.

7. Contact lenses: If you are a contact lens user always sure to wear your lenses before application of makeup and use extra caution to keep make up out of your eyes.

In case there is redness , grittiness , persist blurring or discharge after use of eye make up please visit your ophthalmologist immediately.