8 reasons you’re not getting that dream job

No professional has a perfect record: at some point, you’ll apply for what seems like a dream job — and get rejected.

Taking a little time to immerse is natural. But eventually, you have to will yourself to move on. That doesn’t mean giving up on your dream but recalibrating.

Do you know there could be a few simple reasons why you might not be getting that dream job? Read on to find out..

1. Outdated CV/Resume

When was the last time you updated your CV? As much as you loved those years working in an old-fashioned sweet shop, it’s not relevant if you are applying for an editorial position. 

If you are stuck with what should stay and what must go, it might be worth taking a short course in CV writing. As simple as it might sound, this could be a significant hurdle holding you back.

It is not better to rely too much on resumes as employers hire people, not paper. Although a resume can list qualifications and skills, the interview dialogue will portray you as a committed, responsive team player.

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2. Lack of research

It’s obvious when candidates haven’t learned about the job, company, or industry before the interview. Visit the library or use the Internet to research the company, and then talk with friends, peers, and other professionals about the opportunity before each meeting.

3. Not prepared for interview

Nothing will despoil an interview like not being prepared. It may sound simple, but studying up before you set off is necessary. Dressing to impress is also vital – even if the rest of the company works opposite, this is not the time to join them. 

So, do your homework, plan your outfit and calm those pre-interview nerves (nobody likes a sweaty handshake). Remember, this is your chance to sell yourself!

4. You’ve got no questions

The interview is nearly over; you’ve calmed your nerves and sold yourself well; here it comes, the ‘have you got any questions?’ question. Say no and run to the nearest exit; you will leave the interviewer with alarm bells ringing and feel that you have no interest in the position. Try and prepare a minimum of five things to ask before you get to the interview room. Not asking for any relevant feedback might be one of the reasons why you are not getting your dream job.

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5. You need to do some more training

Sometimes that extra training can make all the difference. If you find your current skills outdated, why not improve your prospects with some additional training. Remember, it’s not all about the nine till five. Whether it’s picking up a second language, learning to drive, or learning more about Photoshop, having some additional skills at the end of your CV might help you seem like a more well-rounded

6. Applying for a wrong job

If you are struggling to find your dream job, it could be that you are hunting in the wrong places. We suggest brushing up on your networking skills, as many job vacancies are exchanged through word of the mouth depending on your industry. This is also one of the reasons why you are not getting your dream job. 

7. You need to do an internship or some more work experience

Sometimes you can have all the qualifications under the sun, but without experience in the workplace, that dream job may remain a dream. As hard as it may be working for free, the knowledge it will give you is invaluable in the long run.

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8. Answering salary questions

Candidates often ask about salary and benefits packages too early. If they believe an employer is interested, they may demand inappropriate amounts and price themselves out of the jobs. Conversely, candidates who ask for too little undervalue themselves or appear desperate. Learn salary negotiation skills before facing your following job interview.

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