8 things only best friends can relate to

We have friends, and then, there come best friends. They are the ones to whom you are most close. They know you more than anyone else does.

In fact, it would be no wrong to say that they know your true side. They are well aware of your weaknesses and strengths.

You share most of your life’s precious moments with them. Below are few things you and your best friends may relate to.

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1. Best Friends Don’t Borrow Or Lend Things

When it comes to best friends, they don’t believe in the concept of borrowing and lending things to each other. When they need something, they will just come and take it as if it was theirs. They will consider it their birthright to take what they like and keep it forever.

2. Best Friends Lie For Each Other

Best friends may not think twice before lying for each other at the drop of a hat. They will turn into an amazing story teller when it comes to covering for each other. Be it your parents, clingy partner or teachers, best friends are always there to save you from a trouble.

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3. Best Friends Insult Each Other To Express Their Love

Saying beautiful words to make each other feel special is not what best friends do. They express their love for each other through insults. They will tease and narrate your embarrassing moments to show their love for you. Not only this, but they may also laugh at you during serious moments just to make you realise how much they love you.

4. Best Friends Make You Drink More

If you think you can drink with your best buddies and still remain sober then you are wrong. They will make you drink beyond your capacity. Even if you tell them that you had enough, they will ask you to have one more shot and would refill your glass every time you empty it.

5. Best Friends Know All Your Love Affairs

You just can’t hide your one-sided love, hookups and breakups from your best friends. Even if you decide to keep these as secret, best friends will somehow come to know what’s going on. They won’t only know your love affairs but will also make fun out of your failed relationships and hookups.

6. Best Friends Know Your Deepest Secrets

Whether it was the prank that you played during your school days or the secret night out with your lover, your best friends know every little secret of yours. You can always rely on them to keep certain things under wraps. They won’t only help you in keeping a secret but will also proudly volunteer themselves as your partner in crime.

7. Best Friends Consider Your Home As Theirs

To call them family members is absolutely fine. There could be times when your best friends may enter your house as if it was theirs. They would come to your home and would make themselves comfortable without even waiting for you to welcome them. In fact, at times they are well aware of how things work at your place and would seem to be quite familiar with the same.

8. Best Friends Have Every Right To Pull Your Leg

Your best friends consider it absolutely fine to pull your leg. Even if you feel bad, they won’t stop pulling your leg. They won’t leave any chance to roast you and laugh at your stupidity. Whether you wear your best clothes or give your best, your buddies will no doubt tease you. For others, it could be a hard punch in their face but for your best friends, it is no less than a privilege.

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Well, there are many other things that best friends can relate to. This Friendship Day, let your best friend know how special they are to you. All you need to do is share this article with them.8