8 things that are banned at FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022

The ongoing FIFA World Cup has got football fans gleaming with joy and celebration.

This year’s world cup is being held in Qatar and even though the stadiums are brimming with people from all over the world, not everyone has the opportunity to view the match from the stadium; people resort to watching it from their laptop, TV or even phones.

Watching the game from the stadium may be an exhilarating experience, but all stadium-goers have to follow certain rules when it comes to watching a world cup match in one of the stadiums in Qatar.

Actually, there is a list of things that have been banned in Qatar during the FIFA World Cup 2022. Let’s have a look!

1. Alcohol is restricted

Alcohol In Qatar, you may not find alcohol very easily. In fact, the sale of alcohol is very regulated. Reportedly, Qatar had asked the sponsor brand Budweiser to keep the stands and stalls less prominent but 48 hours before the World Cup began, fans were in dismay as they were told that they cannot buy beer at any football game during the World Cup.

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2. No food inside the stadium

No food is allowed inside the stadium for hygiene and cleaning purposes. Only baby food and medically necessary food will be allowed, after proper checking.

3. No removing shirts

Reportedly, fans will not be allowed to ‘remove items of clothing or otherwise remain in a state of undress’ during the game. They should not also reveal intimate parts. These all have been stated in an advisory that has been handed out to the ticket holders.

4. A big no to revealing clothes

Fans who come from different countries worldwide have been advised and instructed to not wear any revealing clothes. Everyone has been advised to keep their shoulders and knees covered.

5. No balloons or any inflatable balls

Balloons and inflatable balls are quite the vision during matches in stadiums but this time, none will be visible as they have been banned from this FIFA World Cup.

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6. No paper rolls

A significant amount of paper rolls will also not be allowed inside the stadium.

7. No usage of musical instruments

Instruments or devices that create a lot of loud noise are banned inside the stadium. These include instruments like Vuvuzelas, trumpets, loudspeakers, whistles etc. Musical instruments that do not fit easily inside the X-ray baggage scanners will also not be allowed.

8. No large bags

Fans are advised to carry small bags that can be easily stored under their respective seats. Large bags will not be allowed inside the stadium.

Other items that have been banned inside the stadium

Any type of device or item that can cause injury to others has been banned. Closed or capped items like bottles, cups, jars, cans etc. will not be allowed inside the stadium. E-cigarettes, vapes, pork products, duty-free alcohol, religious books, narcotic drugs and pornographic material are also banned during this FIFA World Cup.