9 reasons to stop drinking coffee immediately

It has become a modern legend that one just can not survive without a cup of coffee. This precious beverage is enjoyed and loved all over the world.

Many of us rely on coffee because we think that it is responsible for our productivity, energy, and properly functioning daily life. That is not quite true.

Even though there are a few health benefits of coffee, there are many reasons why you should not drink it.

Coffee is not something that your body requires and your dependency on the same can rather lead to certain ill effects on the body.

Here are 10 reasons why you should stop drinking coffee immediately:

1. Save money by dropping coffee from your grocery list

If you can not make do without 4-6 cups of coffee a day, then you are surely spending a fortune on coffee. Perhaps you have not even kept track of that since it is a regular expense in your grocery shopping. One reason to quit coffee immediately is to save this unnecessary expense and save some bucks for things that your body actually needs for its well being.

2. Quitting coffee can lower your blood pressure

Drinking coffee often leads to a spike in the blood pressure, which may not last a long time. Still, such a dramatic increase is not good for those who already deal with the issues related to high blood pressure. For them particularly, drinking lots of coffee can be pretty serious. Quitting coffee would protect you from such issues and illnesses that are related to a skewed blood pressure.

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3. Coffee does not give any energy after a while

One of the primary reasons for drinking coffee is perhaps because it gives an extra bit of energy that get us moving in the morning and get ready for the day ahead. But it has been found out that our bodies develop a certain tolerance to this after some time and there are no energy benefits to be derived from that first cuppa of the day. So, if you are drinking coffee for that supposed burst of energy, you should perhaps stop because it is not resulting into any real effect.

4. Coffee consumption leads to loss of vitamins and minerals

It has been found out that those who consume coffee regularly deal with elevated levels of urination. Such a scenario can lead to the flushing out of necessary minerals such as magnesium, calcium, and potassium from the body. This may lead to electrolyte imbalance in the body and this process may also leach away valuable minerals needed for the maintenance of the body.

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5. Coffee can lead to tooth decay and staining

Not many would pay attention to it but even your first cup of coffee in the morning is a reason for the staining of your teeth. Also, depending on how much sugar you take in every cup of coffee that you drink everyday, such a kind of dependency on coffee can lead to tooth decay. It is especially the case if you are getting your flavoured coffee drinks with high sugar content from the popular cafes.

6. Caffeine in coffee can disturb the quality of sleep

It is a daily habit for many of us to reach out for coffee as soon as we wake up in the morning. It is obvious that coffee is a natural stimulant for the brain. In the longer term, coffee consumption can be disastrous for your sleeping patterns and the overall quality of your sleep. It has been found out that people who have stopped consuming caffeine have seen improvements in the kind of sleep they get every night.

7. Caffeine impacts your mood

Do you feel moody and irritated if you have not received your regular dosage of coffee on certain days? Well, regular coffee consumption can lead to such mood fluctuations because you are so taken by your need for coffee. It can lead to sudden irritation if you do not get your brewed cuppa at the usual time. Quitting coffee would end these fluctuations in your mood. It is not healthy to let any substance affect your mood and emotions in this a manner.

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8. Caffeine dependency is not very healthy

Substance abuse is never a good practice. Though it does not have the same effects as addiction to drugs and alcohol, it is still not healthy to be addicted to coffee and relying on it every day. Quitting coffee would help you beat this kind of dependency and give you more power over your food requirements for a healthy body.

9. Avoid the tremors and shakes of caffeine consumption

For those of you who consume one too many cups of coffee to keep yourself active and working, you must have dealt with involuntary shaking and trembling of your hands. If that has happened even once, you are experiencing one of the many side effects of coffee and its caffeine composition. So, stop drinking coffee today to avoid such effects.