9 reasons why you should never hold a fart

9 reasons why you should never hold a fart - Haybo Wena SA

Although farting can bring a lot of embarrassment but actually is a sign of good health.

According to health experts, you should never hold your fart as it may cause health issues and can interrupt the digestive functions.

We have listed below some of the surprising reasons that indicate why you should never hold a fart.

1. For colon’s health

As flatulence is a natural process, holding it is never a good idea. Passing gas is body’s attempt to release by-products of the gastrointestinal system, which can be potentially dangerous for the body.

2. Pressure on lower intestinal system

Holding fart for a longer duration may put immense pressure on the lower intestinal system, resulting in pain and discomfort in your abdomen. 

3. You may feel bloated all the time

Doesn’t bloating make you feel uncomfortable? Farting is a way your body is indicating the presence of gas in the body that needs to be released. This is often experienced shortly after eating a meal, particularly a heavy one. If gas is not passed, it can lead to stomach ache and uneasiness.

5. Stinkier farts

Holding in a fart may make the situation worse. The gas inside the stomach starts to rot, which results in a much stinkier fart later.

6. It may also cause stomach rumble

Your stomach rumbles or makes weird noises when you feel hungry or dehydrated. Holding in a fart also does the same as the gas starts moving up. This may put you in a more embarrassing situation.

7. It may lead to the failure of intestinal walls

Those who have weak sphincters or intestinal walls, a strong build-up of gas may damage them. So holding in a fart can definitely be risky.

8. It’s also our body’s warning system

In case you experience chronic flatulence, it is an indication that your stomach is trying to give you a warning. This usually has to do with the foods that our stomach is not able to digest.

9. The smell is actually good for you

Sounds weird but it is actually true. This foul odour is indeed toxic in large doses. But in small doses, it may prevent cell damage, strokes and heart attacks in the long run.


An average amount of flatulence that we experience in a day is anywhere between 10 to 20 individual farts. But in case the number goes beyond this, it could mean you need to make a drastic change in your diet. (Image Courtesy: Shutterstock a