9 WhatsApp tricks you probably don’t know or use

In a digital era where instant messaging reigns supreme, WhatsApp continues to innovate, and as of 2023, the platform has rolled out a series of game-changing features.

From the much-anticipated ability to edit sent messages to the convenience of multi-device support, WhatsApp is pushing boundaries.

The introduction of screen sharing during video calls places it in direct competition with giants like Zoom and Google Meet.

Furthermore, enhanced search capabilities and personalised chat backgrounds offer users a more tailored experience.

But perhaps the most intriguing is the disappearing media option, allowing users to send content that disappears after a single view, emphasising privacy and discretion.

As these features unfold, one thing is clear: WhatsApp is not just adapting to the times; it’s setting the standard for them.

Here are 9 WhatsApp tricks you may not know:

1. Editing Sent Messages on WhatsApp

In May 2023, WhatsApp introduced a much-awaited feature: the ability to modify sent messages.

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To utilise this, ensure your app is up-to-date. Here’s the procedure for both iOS and Android:

Navigate to Chat > Desired conversation.

Send your message.

Within 15 minutes of dispatch, long-press the message.

Choose ‘Edit’ and then confirm.

2. Using WhatsApp on two phones

WhatsApp now supports multi-device usage.

Ensure WhatsApp is installed on your secondary device.

On your new device, install WhatsApp.

Grant necessary permissions.

At the number input screen, tap the top-right three dots.

Select “Link a Device” to produce a QR code.

On your main device, go to Settings > Linked Devices.

Choose “Link a Device” and scan the QR code from the new device.

3. Sharing Your Screen on WhatsApp

As of August 2023, WhatsApp users can share their screens during video calls, similar to Zoom and Google Meet. Here’s how:

Launch WhatsApp.

Initiate a video call.

Tap the screen-sharing icon at the call screen’s bottom.

Confirm your intention to share.

To cease sharing, tap ‘Stop Sharing’.

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4. Comprehensive Chat Search

Recall a specific chat detail without endless scrolling. Use the search bar atop your chat list on iOS or the search icon on Android. This feature allows keyword searches, and you can also filter by media type.

5. Searching Within a Chat To pinpoint details within a specific conversation:

iOS: Chats > Chosen chat > Contact info > Search.

Android: Chats > Chosen chat > Menu > Search.

6. Discover Your Top Contacts

Curious about your most frequent contacts? Check out: Settings > Storage and Data > Manage Storage. The list displays contacts based on storage use.

7. Optimising Data Usage To prevent WhatsApp from consuming your data:

Navigate to Settings > Storage and Data.

Adjust ‘Media Auto-Download’ to ‘Wi-Fi only’.

To monitor data consumption, go to Network Usage.

8. Personalising Chat Background

Ditch the default and personalise your chat wallpaper:

iOS: Settings > Chats > Chat Wallpaper > Select from various options.

Android: Settings > Chats > Chat Wallpaper > Choose from available categories.

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9. Sending Disappearing Media

Send media that vanishes post-viewing, ideal for sensitive content. However, be wary of screenshots.

iOS: In a chat, tap ‘+’ > ‘Camera’ or ‘Photo & Video Library’ > Select media > Tap ‘1’ beside the send icon > Send.

Android: In a chat, tap the paperclip > ‘Camera’ or ‘Gallery’ > Select media > Tap ‘1’ beside the send icon > Send.