AKA’s business partner, Raphel Benza reveals how he knew the rapper was going to be the greatest talent in SA

Businessman Raphel Benza talks about his late business partner, Kiernan AKA Forbes.

Taking to social media, the Vth Season boss talked about one of the rapper’s classic albums, Levels.

He further revealed how he knew AKA was going to be the greatest talent in South Africa.

“Show me your favourite was greater.. Nah. That’s what I thought….. 2009- 2015 – ♾️ . ! #RIP Kiernan Forbes…. I have been asked many times how did I know he was going to be the greatest Talent South Africa has ever seen.. I have a few reasons. 1 is because he named himself AKA. Can you even imagine what sort of imagination and foresight as a young teenager to name yourself AKA at the time. #AKA. What a classic Icon you are. #Justice4AKA #2015”, he wrote.

Raphel’s company managed the late rapper’s bookings, promotion, distribution and other music-related business till he passed away.