Amanda du-Pont finds new love after breaking up with her fiancé, Rodriques

Amanda du-Pont has reportedly found a new lover after breaking up with her long-term boyfriend turned fiancé Rodriques.

According to Zimoja, there have been rumors about their split, but a source finally confirmed it to the publication.

“She told some of her close friends that they both decided to not continue their romantic relationship as their visions differed too much,” claimed one source.

It was disclosed that the actress is already dating a new lover who is a businessman from Limpopo.

Amanda and her ex-lover had a peaceful breakup, and she’s currently being pampered by her new lover.

“Obviously those who are in the know, know that they are no longer together,she has been wearing that ring to keep people away from her personal business because she likes to keep her love life private,” our source says.

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