Americans drag Mihlali Ndamase for thinking she is more beautiful than Rihanna

Mihlali Ndamase and Rihanna’s beauty compared

Mihlali Ndamase has been labelled all sorts of hideous names after posting a photo taken with Rihanna.

The South African beauty influencer was in California some weeks ago for a Fenty launch event, which was graced by the international star who is the CEO of the company.

A majority of people who attended the event took a snap with the businesswoman and shared it on their social media accounts.

Mihlali shared her video weeks ago, but she let out hell on herself after re-posting a snap she took with the singer.

People called her a mean woman as it is presumed, she edited her look in the photo, except Rihanna.

The Mzansi star was accused of trying to make herself look more beautiful than the international star.

Some South Africans tried to defend her, while others joined the American Twitter in shaming her.

Lol what some people or stans don’t understand is that no one disputes that Mihlali is gorgeous with or without makeup….The real issue is how she edited her own pic and left Riri bare that screamed mean girl energy ….Same she did to Bonang a few years ago… @mihlalii_ you are gorgeous sisi…There is no need to try deem anyone’s light..Yours is bright enough babe ngoba umhle without trying,” a Twitter user wrote.

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