Anele Zondo opens up about her pregnancy journey

Anele Zondo opens up about her pregnancy

Anele Zondo opens up about the changes experienced after she got pregnant.

The South African rapper announced her pregnancy in May, and she’s been opened about the journey ever since then.

Taking to social media recently, Anele shared some of the changes she’s been experiencing since she conceived.

Manufacturing a whole human isn’t slight work :
• 2 sleeping positions has become a norm a#
• only thing im certain about is what I want to eat
• Emotionally (it’s messy) , obviously, crying and laughing at same time? normal
• clothes don’t fit anymore 😔 slippers too
• loving sweet treats and bread ! Imagine (the carbs 😭)
• worrying about the unknown like every sec (a great time to self reflect and journal )
• more can be done in bed
• counting down, the days, mins, & secs till due date

But it’s also been the softest era of my life, I’m cooking and baking and living in my femme energy 💐 If you’re a BBM and no one has told you, MUVA – you’re doing amazing and im sending you love 💕 (share w me what u been experiencing)”