Are you autosexual? 5 signs you might be attracted to yourself

The concept of autosexuality refers to the tendency for someone to be more attracted to themselves than others and to prefer masturbation over sex with another individual.

It does not mean that someone who is autosexual will never engage in sexual relationships with other individuals. Instead, autosexuals feel more sexually aroused by themselves than by others.

Generally, autosexuals prefer solo masturbation to partnered sex. However, they may engage in partnered sex for affection, intimacy, or pleasure, just not as much as solo masturbation.

Although ‘autosexual’ is a relatively uncommon term, many people identify as autosexual.

There is a common misconception regarding autosexuality that if someone is autosexual, they are unable to love or desire other individuals.

Nevertheless, this is not necessarily true, as there are plenty of autosexual people who have relationships with other people, both romantically and sexually.

It simply means they reserve their most intense attraction for themselves.

How can you tell if you’re autosexual?

First things first, autosexuality can look different for different people. Autosexuality is characterised by various erotic thoughts and sensations focused on the individual.

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The following are some of the characteristics:

  1. The act of having sex simultaneously with oneself and with others. Although this is the most preferred type of sexual activity, it is the least autosexual or independent.
  2. Sex with one’s own body while thinking of one’s own body: narcissism, enjoying touching, watching, and imagining one’s own body, with a romantic attachment to one’s own body.
  3. The enjoyment of mirror sex.
  4. Attraction to other people who resemble oneself.
  5. Assuming that you are the primary partner, even if you are polyamorous.

On a final note…

There has been little research on auto sexuality. Although some people identify as autosexuals, everyone has autosexual tendencies. It is important to note that autosexuality can exist on a continuum, just like other sexual orientations.

Some individuals experience sexual desire, enjoy self-stimulation, dream about themselves sexually, and fantasise about themselves at the expense of other relationships. It is also possible for someone to possess these qualities while being romantically and sexually involved with one or more partners simultaneously.

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