Black Coffee Flirts with Alexandra Cane

Renowned South African DJ, Black Coffee, set local Twitter on fire after a flirty exchange with Alexandra Cane, a U.K.-based influencer.

The popular DJ recently split from her wife and actress Enhle Mbali. The divorce was highly publicised given the social standing of the couple.

Is this the point where we can say Black Coffee has finally moved on? We don’t know but it’s time to heavily speculate.

Black Coffee and Alexandra Cane

Alexandra stirred the pot when she tagged the Dj in a Twitter post asking him if he was “ready for caffeine overdose.”

It was not just about the post. But the picture posted by the makeup artist who took part in the fourth season of Love Island seems to say a lot.

The sexy image posted by the influencer didn’t go unnoticed. Black Coffee responded but not in your usual alphabet.

Whatever is going on, or not between the two got people talking and making their own assumptions.

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Black Coffee’s response came in less than an hour, which made some Tweeps conclude that the swift action by the Dj is a sign that something might happen.

The tweet suggests that something might happen. Maybe it’s a new song together or whatever, but something will likely happen.

Another user said Black Coffee sacrificed his marriage to enjoy the life of flying and meeting women across the world.

As expected, people dragged Enhle Mbali’s name in the Dj’s flirty exchange. Some are comparing the European model with Enhle.

Is it fair though to do so? Their marriage is over and either one of them should feel free to do whatever they want with whoever they want.

Another user pointed out they both need happiness, whether its Mbali or Black Coffee.

People have to understand that Mbali and Black Coffee don’t owe each other anything. It’s time for each of them to find happiness where they see fit.

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