Brown eggs vs. white eggs: Which is healthier?

Chicken eggs come in both white and brown colors. Both are also easily available at the local supermarkets.

So which one should you choose? Is one egg more nutritious than the other? Or is one type more tasty?

Whether you are a non-vegetarian or an eggetarian, the love for eggs as an essential source of protein is universal and cross-cultural.

In this article, we take a quick look at what are the health benefits of eggs, why you should and should not be eating them and whether the advantages of brown eggs anyway outweigh that of white eggs.

Health benefits of eggs:

The egg is considered a superfood and is also a few foods on this planet to obtain a 100-point rating from World Health Organisation. Eggs are inexpensive sources of protein easily purchasable across social strata and pack a healthy dose of proteins, essential minerals, vitamins and fats.

The numerous health benefits generously provided by eggs are as follows:

1.  Aids in building strong muscles:

The protein found in eggs helps in muscle and tissue recovery and is therefore consumed by fitness freaks and athletes daily after strenuous exercises.

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2.  Boosts brain health

Eggs contain essential minerals, omega 3 fatty acids and vitamins important for brain health and proper nervous system function.

3.  Strengthens immunity

This is good for your immune system due to the presence of Vitamin B-12, Vitamin A and Selenium.

4.  Source of energy

Eggs are powered by nutrients to produce energy.

5.  Good for the heart

The choline present in eggs helps to break down amino acid homocysteine which is otherwise responsible for causing heart disorder.

6.  Pregnancy health

The folic acid present in eggs is helpful during pregnancy as it prevents congenital disabilities like spina bifida.

7.  Maintains good eye health

Zeaxanthin and lutein present in eggs prevent macular degeneration which is the leading cause behind blindness due to age.

8.  Weight loss

The protein present in eggs makes you feel full and energised for longer hours thereby enabling you to power through the day without having to take breaks for mid-meal snacks.

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9.  Healthy skin & hair

A strong immunity coupled with lowered body tissue breakdown helps to promote healthy skin and hair.

Brown egg vs. white egg, which is healthier for weight loss?

There is a rising trend amongst health-conscious people to consume everything brown, whether it be brown bread, brown rice or brown or wholewheat pasta. While consuming wholewheat carbohydrates definitely have merit attached to it, consuming brown eggs is not the same thing.

First things first, scientifically, there are no nutritional differences between brown eggs and white eggs in terms of health benefits. The only difference is in the pigment of the shell and the hygiene associated with it at the time of breeding. Brown eggs are hatched by chickens of darker colour while white eggs are laid by the white coloured breed. Additionally, brown eggs are often sold as organic and priced higher than white eggs because they are bred in a more hygienic environment and fed healthier food.

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So, whether you consume the brown egg or the white egg, there is no nutritional difference between the two. The only difference that you might experience is the taste which is contributed by the healthier feed provided to the darker-coloured chickens.


As evident from this article, eggs are a very healthy, inexpensive, complete source of protein, easy to make and great for weight loss. And when it comes to the debate between the benefits of brown eggs vs. white eggs, there is no difference. While you should aim to consume 2 eggs each day, you should also be careful not to go overboard as having too many eggs without an expert’s advice can lead to a higher incidence of developing cholesterol derangement, type 2 diabetes, indigestion and even weight gain.