Connie Ferguson marks 21st year wedding anniversary with late husband, Shona

Connie Ferguson and the late Shona Ferguson

Connie Ferguson marks the 21st year wedding anniversary with her late husband, Shona Ferguson.

The actress shared their wedding photo on Instagram and celebrated their love which she still carries in their heart.

Shona might be dead but their love never dies; Connie further appreciates the beautiful love and memories he shared with her.

“This day 21 years ago. Tomorrow never came for my bestest friend, but I know how much he loved me. There’s a great comfort that comes with that, knowing just how happy you made someone in this lifetime, and how happy they made you.”

“True love never dies, and I carry this love with me in my heart and soul for eternity. Thank you for the beautiful everlasting love and memories my ANGEL SHO,” she wrote.