Consuming these foods after 30’s can boost memory

Aging brings with it a wave of changes in the body and mind. Every pedestal of life demands a change in lifestyle and eating habits.

However, one of the most common changes with age is loss of memory and weakening of brain cells.

But do you know experts believe that this can be reversed by tweaking the diet with some food additions to the regular diet.

Here’s all you need to know.

Can food reverse mental aging and boost memory?

Right from minute changes in the body to differences in mental health or increasing forgetfulness, experts believe that there is a strong link between the food consumed and memory, brain functioning, reasoning to name a few. Let’s find out how food can improve brain health and memory after the age of 30.

What study says?

According to a study published in the journal of Neurology conducted by the University of Texas Health at San Antonio around 2,183 participants in the study. People around the age group of 46 reportedly never suffered stroke or been diagnosed with Dementia.

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As per a report published in a digital platform it was mentioned that the study established a “link between omega-3 and hippocampal volume, which helps both memory function and learning ability as well as reasoning and logical thinking, both in older and middle-aged adults.”

Foods that help in boosting memory and brain functioning?

According to experts, consumption of ample amounts of omega 3 fatty acids can gradually help in regenerating and repairing brain cells and tissues. Moreover, it has been scientifically established that adding foods rich in omega 3 fatty acids can help in slowing down the progression of Dementia and Alhzimers’s disease. Foods like flax seeds, avocado, fatty fish, lean meat, milk, chia seeds, almonds to name a few. Apart from that, consumption of these foods can boost stimulation of brain cells and improve memory.

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