DJ Maphorisa built Mas Musiq – Zingah says

DJ Maphorisa has opened the doors for many young artists in the music industry, but he’s suffered more in the hands of trolls as he’s being called a gatekeeper and exploiter.

Despite being accused of exploiting other artists, the music producer continues to open the industry to others.

Taking to social media, the DJ gave proof of his good deeds as he shared a video of himself presenting Mas Musiq with a plaque at his new house.

Maphorisa ensured to make a statement with the video clip which has sparked controversy on social media.

This is what I do it for!!!! Let me say less. Congratulations @mas_musiq on buying your new House and your plaque! so proud of u my boy,” he wrote.

Zingah used the video to remind trolls who are hating on DJ Maphorisa.

“This is the guy yall tryna paint as a bad guy? good luck trying to convince all the lives he changed forever,” the rapper wrote.

Another Twitter user opposed Zingah take, claiming that Mas is a smart man, hence Maphorisa can’t easily exploit the producer.

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“You have to understand one thing if you smart enough porry won’t hold you back mawazi everything so Mas was able to maneuver it’s just that porry was there wangakwazi ukumrobha coz the kid is smart,” tweep wrote.

However, Zingah remains adamant with his claim that DJ Maphorisa made Mas Musiq.

“You’re talking nonsense. Mas was a hip hop producer when he met Porry. Who was so shy that he used to say he could never be a star coz “it’s not his thing”. Porry built the Mas that you see now,” the podcast presenter added.