DJ Sumbody’s little sister slams alleged side chick

DJ Sumbody’s hidden secrete is revealing already just a few days after his passing.

The star died on Sunday morning 20 November, along with his driver in Woodmead while they were traveling to a gig.

Fand and other celebrities took to their social media to pen touching tribute to him however, a woman named Buhle, claimed that she was his side chick in a now-deleted Instagram video.

Knowing Sumbody has a wife, the alleged side chick shared a clip of romantic moments she shared with the DJ and raised eyebrows.

In a screenshot shared by the popular Instagram gossip page The Popcorn Room, a woman alleged to be DJ Sumbody’s little sister lashed out at the so-called side chick.

She slammed her for being inconsiderate during this difficult time.

The little sister said, “I don’t know why you would post such on social media. I’m his lil sister. This video is the most insensitive thing you did. You’re inconsiderate of the family and his wife my sister. This is very tacky and distasteful. As a woman, you should know better, and do better. Stop being petty love, no one will throw you a petty party. You just wanna be a glorified side chick that’s not even recognized. Do have a good day,” the sister said.