Do you want a remote working job? These are the skills you need

The growth of remote working or working from home (WFH) in South Africa started at the beginning of the Covid-19 pandemic in 2020.

Now it has become the norm for companies to offer positions that don’t require 9–5 in-person attendance and to introduce hybrid work models or even fully remote roles.

According to a study by the Boston Consulting Group, 53% of South Africans said they would give preference to a job that allows them to work from home some of the time.

If you want to be a remote worker, you need the following skills:

1. Use of digital tools

When working from home, most people need to use digital tools to communicate with fellow employees. It is important that you become familiar with video-conferencing tools and project management software. Ensure that you know the basics of working with digital tools or use online videos to improve your online skills.

2. Communication

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Successful employees in the workplace understand and recognise the importance of clear communication. These communication skills need to be heightened for people who work from home because things can get lost in translation, especially when connectivity breaks or when communicating via text or email.

Ensure that communication is clear, whether it is in person or through digital channels.

3. You need to be self-motivated

When working from home, there is no boss or manager checking in with you about your tasks for the day; therefore, you need to be self-motivated to get your work done on time. To ensure you get your work done on time, create a schedule and routine to keep you focused on the task at hand while limiting distractions.

4. Balance your work and personal time

When working from home, it is important that you strike a balance between your work and personal lives; otherwise, those lines can be blurred. You should have clear times for your work life and your personal life and ensure that those lives don’t overlap. Having that balance will prevent feelings of being overwhelmed and stressed.

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5. You can work independently

Many people have different working styles when they are working in an office space, but working from home means that you are working on your own. Working independently means that you will need to be resourceful and have good problem-solving skills because you won’t have another team member close by to help you in a crisis.