Do you wear makeup to the gym? Here’s what it can do to your skin

Hitting the gym on a regular basis tops the list of our resolutions every New Year. It’s always fun to carve out time for those fun sweat sessions.

Amidst cheery-picking the right gym apparel, stepping into your workout shoes and gearing up for that hour of the day, you also wish to look your best and fresh the entire time you spend at the gym.

Most women tend to commit a common mistake of wearing makeup to the gym. But, do you ever hit pause to contemplate this decision of yours? Most likely, no!

It might sound a weird question, but the answer to this is BIG NO-NO.

It is surely worth taking into consideration what the mix of sweat and make-up can do to your skin. Hint: It’s not that good.

Here’s why wearing makeup before gym may not be best for your skin:

1. Makeup can get trapped in your skin

When you exercise, you sweat and then whatever is on your skin can get trapped. Then, as your pores enlarge to release sweat, those particles can enter the pores, causing more pimples and blackheads. So, experts reckons to keep away from concealers, BB creams, foundation and power of any sort before your everyday gym time.

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2. Makeup along with heat and sweat isn’t a great mix

When you do extensive workout, your body gets heated up and your sweat glands produce more sweat. It’s the worst time to have any makeup on your pores at that moment. It can lead to various skin issues and spotting. So, make sure you instead cleanse your face with a mild cleanser, followed by a toner. Make sure you use an oil-free lotion to finish up.

3. Clogged pores can cause zits

Your makeup layer can clog those open pores and can cause annoying acne. All the makeup, dirt and sweat find their way back into those pores, leading to pesky zits. Makeup gives bacteria something to stick to, making it more likely to seep into your pores.

So, it’s best to refrain from wearing makeup when exercising as foundation-combined oil is the best recipe for disaster!

4. Makeup at the gym can give way to blackheads

Gyms are breeding ground of bacteria. Alongside getting acne, your open pores can also lead to development of blackheads.

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How to wear makeup to the gym?

If you don’t wish to carry a dull face to the gym, you may opt to wear a mild eyeliner and a lip tint to spruce up your look.

Also, if you wish to provide mild coverage to your dark circles and spots that decide not to budge, you can go for a sun block with a little tint.