“Don’t let life kill your spirit,” Priddy Ugly writes to himself as he turns 32

Priddy Ugly turns 32

Priddy Ugly announces his 32nd birthday.

The South African rapper penned a lovely note to himself and wished himself well.

Taking to Instagram, Priddy shared lovely photos of himself when he was a young man.

He made it known that all he wants for a birthday gift is the streaming of his last album, Dust.

“Proud of you ntwana. Still learning your strengths, aware of your weaknesses. Don’t let life kill your spirit, don’t let people harden your love. Keep on trying to do & be better, keep trying & try again. Keep praying, keep creating. Allow your self to grow, allow your light to glow. Dala what you must. I Love You, VRR! ❤️🎈 I don’t need anything from anyone, please just stream my latest album DUST today,” he wrote.