Eating these fruits during pregnancy can lead to miscarriage

Staying healthy and fit during pregnancy becomes the most crucial thing.

Apart from that eating healthy, nutritious and balanced diet is the foundation of a healthy baby.

The first trimester is believed to be the most crucial of all as a small mistake can lead to miscarriage.

It might sound strange, but there are fruits that can actually trigger miscarriage. It is a preconceived notion that fruits are good for the health of the baby and the mother.

However, this doesn’t apply to all fruits, some can be harmful for the baby as well as for the mother.

Here are some fruits you must avoid such as papaya, pineapple, crabs, eggs and mercury-rich fish to name a few.

How these foods cause miscarriage:

Since childhood, we have been preached about the innumerable health benefits of fruits and how they are essential for a healthy living. But everything changes during pregnancy, and especially during the first trimester, when the mother is at a high risk of miscarriage. However, a lot depends on the metabolism of the mother. Apart from eating fruits and other factors like age and health of the woman, lifestyle can also impact pregnancy. The consumption of such fruits can lead to widening the cervix and cause inner contractions in the uterus causing a miscarriage. Hence, it is often advised to avoid such foods.

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Here are some foods you must avoid to eat during pregnancy:

1. Pineapple

The sweet and tangy flavour of this fruit is certainly a treat for the taste buds. However, during pregnancy indulging in this fruit can be harmful and can lead to miscarriage. Consuming either raw pineapple or its juice can cause miscarriage, this is due to the presence of bromelain, which leads to contractions in the uterus and softens the cervix causing harm to the fetus.

2. Papaya

Since ages papaya has been used as a food to abort an unwanted pregnancy. Consuming papaya during pregnancy is a strict NO! This is due to the presence of active enzymes create contraction in the uterus, which causes miscarraige. It is so damaging during pregnancy that it can lead to premature labour pain. Hence, avoiding it completely is the key to stay safe and healthy.

3. Peach

Saying no to this tarty yet sweet fruit can be difficult, but it is often advised to avoid foods that are hot in nature, and one such fruit is peach. Consuming peach during pregnancy can generate more heat in the body, which can lead to internal bleeding and miscarriage.

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4. Wild apples

An apple a day can keep diseases at bay, but in this case it can call for trouble. The acidic nature of wild apples can lead to contraction of the uterus. Consuming these apples during this time can lead to miscarriage.

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