Emtee opens up about why he quit “lean”


Emtee has finally opened up about why he quit “lean”.

The star who was the latest guest with Da L.E.S on Posted Podcast got candid about family, music, and drug use.

According to google, the drug which is also known as “purple drank, purple lean, sizzurp, dirty sprite and lean drink, is a made of prescription-strength cough medicine, soft drinks and hard, fruit-flavored sweets”.

In the interview, Da L.E.S asked him if he felt lean was a life experience.

Emtee agreed, saying “for sure.”

The rapper said he got into drugs because he was trying to get involved and be accepted in showbiz.

“It is just once again being so in tune, like what I’m doing. I mean being so passionate, wanting to be so involved and accepted is one of those things, and I always say, like, there’s not a lot of things I will create in life you know.”

Emtee said he is grateful he lived to tell his story so it can inspire other young people.

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“I’m grateful I’m able to live and tell and give reasons to ask why, you know, you need to at some point.”

Watch video below: