Emtee reveals how fatherhood changed him

Emtee, real name Ndevu Mthembeni reveals how fatherhood changed him.

The rapper is a father of two boys and a girl – Avery, Logan and Nairobi.

Speaking in a recent interview, the hip hop star says fatherhood influenced how he treats people.

“Fatherhood has changed me in a lot of ways, how I treat other people … I don’t want anybody f*cking with my children, or somebody is going to die. I treat people with respect, and they witness that, I don’t refuse any pictures.”

He is big on respect as he claims to be respectful to people and he trains his kids in the same manner.

“I want my children to learn that no matter what position you’re in, in life always respect people. They know that about me. F*ck all that other sh*t. My children know me for who I really am.”