Emtee reveals why he named his daughter Nairobi

Emtee explains why he named his daughter Nairobi during a recent interview with L—Tido.

The rapper is a father to two sons, Avery and Logan; he welcomed his third child who is a girl this year and named her after Kenya’s Capital City.

On Tido’s podcast, the Pearl Thusi hitmaker revealed what inspired the name Nairobi.

“Because I flew over there got to meet Trey Songz, got to work with Trey Songz in Nairobi, so I feel like that was a monumental moment in my career. To top it off and to show you I’m a warrior, when I landed there I feel sick, so I was doing my sh*t sick. I was in the booth taking long because I was sick as f*ck. I had tonsils, I had flu, and I witnessed that in Nairobi,” he wrote.